We invest $10-$100 million of equity capital in each company
Investment Type
Leveraged Buyout
We invest in change of control opportunities of well positioned companies using responsible levels of leverage to ensuring operating flexibility to achieve our growth objectives
Growth Equity
We provide equity capital and expertise to accelerate the realization of a company’s growth objectives; typically through a minority interest
Founder Recapitalization
We provide equity capital to entrepreneurs who seek liquidity and a value-add partner but wish to retain control of their business
Focus Areas
Focus areas include: branded/access-driven care models, physician practice management, and health & wellness
Provider Services
Focus areas include: outsourced clinical services, population health services and services that facilitate value-based reimbursement models
Payor Services
Focus areas include: outsourced services to Medicare Advantage plans and workers compensation carriers
HPC Value Add
Growth & Strategy
Assist in strategy development and share network of relevant industry executive and influencers
Organizational Development
Help evaluate and implement organizational and human capital investments at both the management and board level
M&A and Corporate Finance
Assist in identifying, diligencing, executing and financing accretive add-on acquisition opportunities